10 Feb 2012

Jurassic Coast Challenge!

I found this fantastic challenge and just had to share it!

It's called the Jurassic Coast Challenge, is run over 3 days in the south of England and consists of one marathon each day!!

How cool is that?

This is from the website http://www.votwo.co.uk/_webapp_1205242/Jurassic_Coast_Challenge_2012 :-

The mother of all hilly runs. The 2012 course is being run again from Studland to Charmouth. 
Day one starts off with a pleasant jog along the beach of Studland Bay, past Old Harry rocks , through Swanage and straight into some tough coastal running along the South West Coast Path. Houns – tout Cliff provides the first real climb of the day followed by more climbing on Tyenham Cap and Worbarrow. The finish of the First day is Lulworth Cove where you will be treated to a sneak preview of the next days ‘warm up’ climb beginning day 2.
Day two sees runners (and walkers) enjoy the delights of Durdle Door with steep ascents and descents. The course starts to level off half way in to Day 2 after Ringstead Bay. Weymouth hosts some path appreciated tarmac underfoot followed by a enjoyable lap of Portland to warm down on before finishing at the Event HQ on the Ferry bridge road between Weymouth and Portland.
Day three starts with a challenging and muddy underfoot course along costal foot path towards Abbotsbury. Fairly flat ground for the next 10km until Eype’s mouth then the hilly fun starts again as the course approaches Golden Cap. Its then a short jog to the finish point just to the East of Charmouth.

It does seem to be pretty challenging stuff!

I wonder if I can fit it into my running schedule for next year?!?.........


  1. You'll get Marathon mainiacs high level for a triple!

    1. Now that would be cool!!

      Maybe I should give it a try just for fun :-)