24 May 2012

Not Being Able to Run Sucks!

One week ago I went to London and had a mole removed from under my nose and just above my upper lip. I, of course, asked 'when can I run again?' and was told 'after 2 weeks'.

So I am now one week down and one week to go! It is so depressing...

We have had great weather over here this week and Copenhagen Marathon was last Sunday. It seems that everyone in Copenhagen is out running except me :-(

I think I'm feeling the withdrawal really bad as I have just had a week recovery at the end of April after Madrid Marathon so what do I need another one for?

In London I did buy a great running book though. I mean, if I can't run then I'll read about running! It's called 'Keep on Running - The Highs and Lows of a Marathon Addict' by Phil Hewitt. As I think I'm also becoming a marathon addict I can really relate to this book.
I've also just bought 'Worlds Ultimate Running Races - 500 Races, 101 Countries'. I'm waiting for it to arrive from Amazon UK. This is another book which I think will be great for me (some say it will be dangerous). It will give me ideas for many more marathons and if I'm not careful I'll soon have all my marathons sorted for the next 10 years!

My plan, once I'm allowed to start running again, will be to really knuckle down for my Berlin training as I'm hoping to finish somewhere between 4 hours and 4 hours 15 minutes :-)


  1. A friend that knows how much Toni and I like to travel bought us that 'ultimate' book ;)

    I think the cover is the great wall marathon.

  2. That's one marathon that I really want to do sometime within the next 10 years....

    1. We need to pick a year and just go for it!! How about 2017 for my 40th birthday?? (opps giving away my age now)

  3. Did you go to London just to get a mole removed?
    I take note of that book. Do not you buy ebooks yet? I stopped buying paper some while ago.


    1. I also was due a little trip home to England so spend a great couple of days in London :-)

      I don't like ebooks as they are just not the same as 'real books'.

  4. I do the same, when I’m not able to run I'll read all that I usually can't for my lack of spare time, and YES!! running books are my weakness.
    Also what I do is to get crazy looking for races and making up my calendar. It’s very addictive but I love it.
    Good luck with that book, I think it’s very dangerous in your hands, lol

    1. I'm actually sitting here now with 3 webpages open on races in Copenhagen over the next few months :-)

      Ahhhh I just want to run again!!

  5. Hi Lynne! Your pacer here...

    I was checking your recent 10k and half times and comparing with a 4:15 pace. It looks good...they say 2:04 for the half, 55:50 for a 10k (the half is the better metric)

    You've done both of these I think. So the issue will be fade resistance. When I started I had 10k/half numbers that pointed to a faster time than I could actually do...by about 15 minutes actually (3:55 vs 4:10)

    It looks like you have the same issue...you are 15 over .a 4:30.


    To hit 4:15 I think you need to build some strength and more LT (lactate threshold) work in the last 6-8 weeks of training.

    just an FYI....more to come.

    ur pacer,

    1. Thanks Pacer Paul :-)

      As I'm quite fit right now I'm actually thinking of trying to run a 30k at marathon pace in June just to see if I can do that.

      I do need to do interval training more seriously this time though.

      With Valencia I started fading after the half as it was getting hotter by that stage. With Madrid it was the last 7k uphill struggle.

      I am pretty confident that if I put the training in and the weather isn't too hot that I can finish in 4:10 or 4:15 in Berlin as it's so flat. It will help very much to have my own Pacer Paul with me :-)

      One more thing I need to work on and am already training is to stop going to the toilet so much!

  6. Only few days to go, blondie aka my long lost sis ;) And who is going to stop you from running now? Thanks for the book references. I'll check both of them out. YES, extremely dangerous in your hands :)

    I have no doubt you'll be able to run Berlin in 4:!5 or less.

  7. Uff, I wasn’t sure how long you had to stay without run after you got removed your mole and 2 weeks is a lot!!
    Tomorrow I’ll get one mole removed also and just the thought to be without run for 2 weeks scare me!!
    I don’t know if I should ask the doctor or just keep quiet and hope for the best, hehehe

    1. Hi Jose

      I had mine removed by radiosurgery. The reason I had to wait so long was because of the position of the mole. It was right under my nose on my top lip. I wasn't allowed to 'make faces' (I do that a lot when the going gets tough) and I had to keep it dry for the 2 weeks so no sweating allowed!
      The main thing was I had to keep the scab on as long as possible. It's healing really well now.
      Good luck tomorrow!

      By the way I'm really looking forward to meeting you in Gran Canaria :-)

    2. Thank a lot you Lynne, my mole is the wisdom tooth. So hopefully my period will be shorter, as this one is right to the very end.
      Even though, I’ll ask about going to swim, just for precaution. I wouldn’t like to get it any worse.
      About yours, I’m really glad to read that it’s healing well.
      I’m also looking forward to meeting you in GC :)