6 Jan 2013

My New Trainers are Brooks Defyance 5

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted some new trainers as my old ones didn't seem as cushioned as they used too which isn't good for my knees. I wanted to change to Brooks and had already found out while at the Berlin marathon expo that Brooks Ghost would be best with Brooks defyance being a close second.

I'm a member of Løbeklubben on Facebook (running club on facebook) and because of this I found out about a great pre-sale yesterday at a sports shop in Copenhagen. I couldn't find any Brooks ghost trainers in my size but did manage to find some Defyance. I was a little sad as I really wanted the Ghost ones! This changed once I had tried on the Defyance as they are so cushioned and I could feel that these would be the trainers for me.

They are neutral trainers just like my Asics Nimbus 12's. I'm not a neutral runner but have found out why these type of trainers suit me best. Basically I have high arches (so high I actually have to lace my trainers a certain way for them to be comfortable) and I also overpronate. This is a very strange combination (kind of like me).  I've found out that the overpronation comes from either my legs, knees, or hips. The most common being due to instability in the muscles of the lower leg. It would seem that if I learn the chi-running method and land mid foot I can solve this problem and stop my heel striking at the same time which will be a great relief for my knees. I'm going to give it a go and see what happens. You never know maybe I'll become a faster runner! I can always dream :-)

Tomorrow my training for Rock 'n' Roll Edinburgh half marathon starts and I can't wait to take my new Brooks out for a spin :-)


  1. I just started to train from 0 last week, and I really found very encouraging your blog since it showed me how you've been able to acomplish your goal step by step.
    It seems you enjoyed the spanish public, so I hope to meet you here someday! That would mean that I have been successfull with my trainings! The Zurich Barcelona Marathon 2013 it's too much close in time... but I will do my best to get in the event next year! Now I feel I can do anything if I work hard enought.
    See you in blogger, and thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Thank you Borja and I'm glad I can encourage you! With training and motivation what seems hard now becomes easier and easier!

      Just take it slow and don't run too far in the beginning. Aim to be running 5k in around 10 weeks. Walk/running is perfectly ok too. Try to make it fun and run different routes. Once you've run your first 5k, hitting 10k is not so hard ;-)

      If you email me I'll send you a beginners runner training program :-)

      I will probably be heading out to Spain for Barcelona marathon 2014 so maybe I'll see you there :-)

  2. Nice trainers Lynne!...Good Luck in your Edinburg training


    1. Hola Pancho :-)

      Thanks! I hope your tapering is going well for Gran Canaria? I wish I could be there....

  3. Hey Borja, welcome ! Keep it up and listen to Lynne 8)

    Hi Lynne,

    I think the shoe change will be good 4 you....(but even if it's not right for you now you may learn something and that's gold too)

    Don't forget the strength training too! If you need any advice on what to do there don't hesitate to ask. The goal is you should feel guilty if you dont' do it at least twice a week to start. 8)

    Let me know how the form changes work out...there are a lot of youtube videos on chi-style form..check them out!

    I need to dust off my Spanish...

    1. Thanks Paul and I hadn't forgotten the strength training. Just trying to I suppose as I find it boring.

      I would love to meet up with you in Spain somewhere and anytime :-)