6 May 2012

Running in a Fairytale!

Yesterday I had a fantastic 11k run in the sunshine aroound Copenhagen :-)

The streets were quite empty and I enjoyed being almost alone in this fairytale city!

If I didn't have to go home I would have just run and run for much longer.....

I have fully recovered from Madrid marathon and feel (almost) like I can run another one.....which brings me to my crazy friend Ciry. She wanted to sign up for a half marathon yesterday but there wasn't any places left so she signed up for the full marathon instead. She is running it today!!

This will make her a 'Marathon Maniac'!! Good luck Ciry :-) I am so jealous!


  1. Ciry is Serious ;)
    Need more Maniacs in Europe!

    Do you have any ideas for your pace target for Berlin? it is a nice flat course....I'm happy to pace and take pictures.

    1. Ciry did really well and finished in 4 hours and 3 minutes!! So proud of her :-)
      I'm going for 2 marathons in 14 days at the end of the year. Berlin first then one in Denmark straight after!

      I hope to finish in 4 hours and 15 minutes in Berlin! I've just checked the pace and it's around 6:03 in kilometres and 9:44 in miles.
      Are you going to pace me then Paul? That would be fantastic!!

    2. Lynne- Gracias ;) BTW, I finished in 4:32:18. I wish I'd have finished in 4 3h. Perhaps the next one! I love the pics that you posted. Especially the first one. Perhaps I should sign up for the Copenhagen Marathon too.

      Paul - Many thanks! I've heard a lot about you :) I see you live in this side of the pound. Next time you run in the San Diego area, let's sync up! I am following your blog now.

      Both - I am jealous @ the Berlin Marathon. My ultimate goal is to run all the world majors. For Boston, I will need to wait until I am 50 to qualify. at this rate!!