20 May 2012

Copenhagen Marathon - One Year Ago...!

First a big congratulations to everyone that finished Copenhagen Marathon 2012 in this heat!! I know how tough it is to run with the sun beaming down on you for such a long distance!

Copenhagen Marathon 2011
This time one year ago I had just completed my first ever marathon after only 10 months of training. I went from not running at all to running Copenhagen Marathon 2011 in 4 hours and 43 minutes. I was one of those rare people that crossed over the finish line saying 'I want to run another one!'

Valencia Marathon 2011
I just had to run another one soon and chose to run Valencia in November 2011. I was thinking of running Berlin or Venice but both of these had no more places and in the end Valencia turned out to be a great choice as it was there that my love of everything Spanish began!

Before I had even run in Valencia I was looking for another marathon for spring 2012. This was between Barcelona and Madrid. Barcelona because I'd already visited but still had some places I wanted to see and Madrid because the American Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series was organising it.
Madrid Marathon 2012
In the end I chose Madrid because of the Rock 'n' Roll theme which once again was a great choice of marathon. I loved the route and again loved all the spectators. Before I ran in Madrid I had signed up and got a place in Berlin marathon 2012. It's just over 4 months until Berlin marathon and I have already signed up for Gran Canaria 2013 and have a place in Copenhagen marathon 2013.

I can't seem to help myself and must have another marathon on the horizon while I'm running the one before :-)



  1. Well, I see 20 grades as average temperatura now in Copenhagen. This is more or less what we will have in January in GC.

  2. And I can't wait to enjoy that weather in January and leave the snow and minus 10 degrees behind!

    Valencia was around 22 degrees by the time I finished. It was a little hard towards the end but I still got a PB. And anyway, if I can conquer the hills in Madrid a little heat in Gran Canaria doesn't bother me :-)

  3. I love running marathons too!!!

  4. Just 4 months for the next one!!! keep running!!

  5. That's if I don't find another one to fill in the gap :-)

  6. I love your calendar!!
    About Gran Canaria Marathon, now it’s official … I’ve already signed up, so we’ll see there.
    And I think it will be my next city marathon, unless I’ll manage to fill in the gap as you said ;)

    1. I look forward to meeting you there!

      And all the others from Gran Canaria :-) There's seems to be quite a few that know each other.

      By the way, I LOVE your blog!!