14 May 2012

Free Entry to Copenhagen Marathon!

I have just received an email where it says 'Tillykke – du har vundet en fribillet til Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon'
(congratulations - you have won a free ticket to Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon)

This is just so cool!!

Unfortunately, because I'm having a mole removed from under my nose on Thursday, I can't exercise for at least 2 weeks. This, of course, means that I CAN'T RUN!! The marathon is this Sunday!

No problem! The people at Sparta (Copenhagen Marathon organisers) said that I can transfer it to next year!!

This is great :-)

At this rate I'll be running one marathon every month next year. If I actually get a place in London marathon then I'll have a marathon in January, March, April, and May 2013. All in different countries :-)

I never normally win anything but seem to be winning lots and lots of great stuff this year! Maybe I should start playing the lottery.....


  1. Strange that they give marathons entry away one week before the big show. Do they think people can accept it with just one week before? or is it only to people that have paid the entry fee anyway and get it back?
    This is a marathon I have in my wish list.

    1. I entered a facebook competition with the marathon sponsor but didn't expect to win.
      You're right that it's strange to find out you win 6 days before!
      Normally I would just run it anyway but as I can't exercise for 2 weeks it was nice of them to say they'd transfer it.

      Why is Copenhagen marathon on your wish list?

      As a first marathon it was good but the danes only seem to cheer for the people they know and not everyone else. So very different from the Spanish :-)
      (one exception is the area called Nørrebro where it's like running through a party)!

      Come and run it next year with me!

  2. That is awesome! They should make you an 'ambassador' for that marathon. Esp to get more women out there running.

    There are lots more women that run US marathons than Euro from what I've seen...you need to help fix that !

    In the US there are often more women at half marathons than men..!

    1. I am with Paul! They should make you "ambassador" for that race!!

    2. Now that would be cool :-)

      Paul and Ciry please feel free to write to Sparta on my behalf and nominate me...

      Paul it's even worse in Spain! When I ran Valencia marathon there were hardly any women at all and I'm assuming Gran Canaria will be the same.
      Never mind that just gives me more space to watch all the good looking Spanish men ;-)

  3. How cool that they allow you to transfer it 'til next year! You are going to be busy in 2013! I can't wait to run with you again! Oh, I need to play the lotto too! <3

    1. My original plan was to run 2 maybe 3 marathons a year but between this September and next August I've already got 6 marathons and 7 if I get a London place.

      Hmmmm maybe I should add one more and then become a Marathon Maniac with 8 marathons in one year! Something to think about.....