30 Apr 2012

Valencia in November or Gran Canaria in January?

Why do there have to be so many marathons I want to run?? How is a girl expected to choose between them all?
Gran Canaria

After checking out flight and hotel costs to Valencia it seems to cost more than last year. I started looking at other marathons I could possibly run instead.

I found Firenze and Nice to Cannes but I'd have to send (and pay out for) a medical certificate for them.

I found San Sebastian but the flights out there are very expensive (and are with Iberia who I really don't trust not to be striking when I want to fly)

So then I thought instead of waiting until 2014 to run Gran Canaria marathon why not run it in 2013!!

That would then mean that I wouldn't be running Valencia marathon in November.

My pros for Valencia are:-
- I can try and get a new personal best on the same course
- I still have some museums there I want to visit
- I do love the city

My pros for Gran Canaria are:-
- It will count towards my 50 marathons in 50 cities goal
- I haven't been there before
- I know someone (Pancho) running it
- It's in January which means I'll be in the warm while the rest of Denmark is freezing
- The hotels seem to be cheaper there while the flights are around the same price as Valencia

I can't run both of them as I will still be running Barcelona in March 2013 so need some money for that too :-)

I don't suppose anyone in Valencia or Gran Canaria has (or knows of) a cheap room to rent for a few days? ;-)

So the question is which do I run: Valencia Marathon or Gran Canaria Marathon??
Any suggestions and help would be very much appreciated :-)


  1. Choose Gran Canaria Marathon!
    In my opinion it's a race and a city that will surprise you .... and also it will probably be cheaper than Valencia
    This is a very touristy island, with low cost flights across Europe.
    In the race usually involved a significant number of people outside ..... (Swedish, Italian, German and even a group of Danish people in a club that I think was called SPARTA)
    In addition, you will meet many interesting people and fun

    Un abrazo!!

  2. Thanks Pancho.

    Yes, it's called Sparta. I'm not a member but know a few people that are so I'll look into it and see if they do some trip there together. I would imagine they do!

    Fun is always good! That why I run marathons, to have FUN!

    Maybe see you in January then :-) (it's about time we meet in person anyway)

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  4. Perhaps Gran Canaria is a good choice because it offers several advantages. Do share some pictures of the events, and best of luck on your upcoming marathons.

  5. Hello Isabella, Gran Canaria is a very good choice.. big hug … you remember me...? Christian