3 Nov 2011

3 Weeks until Valencia!

This time in 3 weeks I will be on my way to Valencia!

I am really looking forward to my trip down there for many reasons...

I get to go somewhere I haven't been before.

I get to spend a few days with my beautiful niece Leah.

I get to enjoy some warmer weather.


I'm running my long pre marathon run this Sunday. I've signed up for a half marathon and the start/finish is 3k from my home so I'll run there and back. That means I'll be running roughly 27k!

I'll be taking it easy during the marathon and am going for a time of 4 hours and 30 minutes which is 15 minutes less than my Copenhagen Marathon time. It just means that I have to run a tiny bit faster, not stop so long for the toilet, and walk through the drinking stations for about 40 seconds each instead of a minute :-)

Berlin Marathon 2012 will be another matter as I'm going to try and get under 4 hours!


  1. Valencia is a very, veru nice place. You'll love it. The weather is fine too. Have a good marathon. A closed friend of mine will run the marathon

  2. Thanks. I can't wait!

    There are over 5000 people signed up so far...

  3. Hi Lynne, long time! Looking forward to meeting you in Valencia. Training hard, huh? Doing long runs on Fridays and Sundays around here too.
    See you in three weeks.

    Big hug mate,