3 Jun 2011

Back to Running and My First Running Coach Client

So this week I've started running again!

The first run I did was a week after the marathon and was a 5k. It was sooo hard! This, of course, could be because I thought I would be able to run it at a 5:40 pace like normal.

My runs are getting a little easier now and I'm planning to run home from work this evening which will be around 8k. I'll just take it nice and easy :-)

Also, as I said before, I have just started a course to become a running coach!! I already have a 'client'!
My friends brother has just started running and is already getting injuries etc. so I am going to help him reach his goals. It's free for him and great experience for me, so it's a win win situation :-)

I am looking for more beginner runners (guinea pigs) that need some help too, so if you would like a running coach or know someone that does please get in touch. It's all for free (at least until I'm certified). It can be done by email too :-)

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