24 Jan 2011

7km run and Ila Personal Alarm!

I had to pick up my son from his friends this evening so decided to have a run there. I wasn't aching from my run yesterday and it wasn't too far away so I thought it would be ok.

I ran a little extra to make the distance up to 7km which I'm supposed to run tomorrow. I ran down to the beach again, along the road beside it (no way was I running on the beach in the dark), and then run up to my sons friends house.

As I now have to run in the dark to beable to do my marathon training I have bought a personal alarm. It's a really good one that screams like a lady when you pull the metal chain out. As you can see from the photo it looks nice as well :-) It comes in many different colours and patterns.

If you are a lady running by yourself I highly recommend it!

Check out http://www.ilasecurity.com/uk/our-products/ila-dusk/ to read about it for yourself.

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