16 Nov 2014

Hanson's Marathon Method Week 2 Plan

What happened in week 1 training!

Wednesday training went really well. I biked up to the track so took that as my warm up so as soon I set foot on the track I did the first speed 400 metres. I did 5 x 400 metres with 400 metres recovery and then 800 metres cool down.

Friday training went too well! I was supposed to be doing an easy 5k at a pace of 6:20. I ended up running 5.6k with a pace of 5:30. It is much harder to run slower than I thought!

Saturday training was a little harder to get out the door and do it. This was probably because I was out for dinner and a couple of drinks last night. Again it was supposed to be an easy 5k at a pace of 6:20. I did it with a pace of 5:48 which is better than yesterday but still not slow enough. I never would have thought that I'd have such a luxury problem as running too fast!

Sunday training went very well. I was supposed to run 6.5k with a pace of 5:40 but ran with a pace of 5:29. I really have to do the pace right otherwise I may get injured! It was very windy today!

Week 1 Overall - This first weeks training has gone really well. I even managed to get up early on Sunday for a morning run instead of running in the afternoon as I had planned. But I do have to concentrate on running slower....

Hanson's Method Week 2 Plan

Monday      - Off
Tuesday      - 3k with a pace of 6:00
Wednesday - 6 x 400 metres speed training with 400 metres recovery
Thursday    - 5k with a pace of 6:20
Friday         - Off
Saturday     - 5k with a pace of 6:00
Sunday       - 6.5k with a pace of 5:40

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