9 Nov 2014

Hanson's Marathon Method Week 1 Plan

Week 1 of my Hanson's method training for Barcelona Marathon 2015 is nearly here. Below will be my Week 1 training. I have taken out a normal run and added speed training as I feel I have the running base needed to do this. Also I'm a little scared to go in from zero to the first speed training of 12 x 400 metres with 400 metres recovery as it sounds like a killer. So I thought if I can work up to at least 8 x 400 metres before the real speed training starts I might just have a chance to complete it!

Some days will also be changed due to family commitments. For example, my son has athletics indoors every Wednesday after school for one and a half hours. I take him and there is a track outside so what a great place for me to do my speed training. Therefore my day off is Tuesday and my speed training is Wednesday (except over the Christmas holidays). Because of this I also have to change my tempo run as I can't do speed then tempo the next day. So Thursday becomes an easy run and Friday becomes my tempo run.

Hanson's Method Week 1 Plan

Monday      - Off
Tuesday      - Off
Wednesday - 5 x 400 metres speed training with 400 metres recovery
Thursday    - Off
Friday         - 5k with a pace of 6:20
Saturday     - 5k with a pace of 6:00
Sunday       - 6.5k with a pace of 5:40

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  1. Is your pace per mile or per kilometer?