8 Jan 2012

Hill Training for Madrid Marathon!

Ok, so that's a bit of an exaggeration!
Last Sunday I started my hill training for Madrid Marathon :-)

The only problem is that I live in Denmark and hills are hard to find!

My Hill
Luckily I live very close to a multi story carpark. It is quite high and has 4 slopes I can run up with the last one (for some strange reason) much steeper that the others.

Last week I ran up and down 3 times! Today I ran up and down 4 times! Next week I will run up and down 5 times and so on and so forth until I travel to madrid. If that doesn't get me ready for the hills out there then nothing will.

I hate hills!!


  1. Der er en del, der træner på trapperne på Rigshospitalet. Selv træner jeg på trapperne på Herlev Hospital. I begge tilfælde møder man ret sjældent personalet, og jeg har ikke hørt om nogle, der er blevet irriteret over det.

    Jesper har skrevet om det her:

  2. Hi Jakob,

    Thanks for the tip :-)

    The carpark in VM Bjerget also has steps going up one side and down on the other. I only run in the carpark on Sundays as it's very quiet then.

    If I get told I can't run in there now I have somewhere else to go!

  3. Wow, I shouldn't take the hills that I have around here for granted. Be careful with the cars, Lynne! You are going to be more than ready for the RNR Madrid.