6 Apr 2011

At Last Fit and Healthy Again :-)

I never ran the run on Sunday to raise money for childrens cancer :-( I had already paid though so my money will still be donated :-)

Instead I spent the morning sitting in a waiting room at the hospital as I had been having trouble breathing (will these colds never end).

The doctor checked my lungs, chest and breathing.

Anyway I was told that I have an 'upper airway infection' and they normally last around 2 weeks. As I had already had it for 10 days I was told to wait until Thursday until I start running again and if I'm still ill to go to my own doctor.

I hadn't managed to go to my doctor before as my youngest son had to have an operation so I didn't have time to think about myself.

It's Wednesday morning and I am feeling great!!! Almost back to my old self :-)

This is great news as I have organised a little run to raise money for Japan tomorrow evening!!!

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