7 Apr 2011

I Ran 13.5km For Japan!!

Today was my Run for Japan event!

I ran 13.5km and so have raised a minimum of 140kr for the people of Japan!

You can also donate money without even having to run at www.runforjapan.com

I wasn't expecting anyone else to turn up as it was so VERY windy!!

I got ready and put on my new Asics Nimbus 12 trainers (remember the pink ones).

I got the metro down to where the meeting place was and waited for 5 minutes. No one else showed so I started my run alone. This was fine by me as then I could run where I liked and at what speed I liked :-)

For the first 4km I was running into the wind and it was really hard going :-( I was heading down to run along the beach path and was expecting a very strong head wind there.
I was pleasantly surprised as when I got there the wind was behind me all the way so I had a great run along the beach :-)

The 5km back home from the beach, on the other hand, was terrible!!!

I was running into the wind all the way :-(
I kept telling myself that I was doing this for the people of Japan that have lost loved ones, homes, and everything! This helped to keep me going.

I have decided to get my husband to sponsor me for Copenhagen Marathon and give 10kr a km to Run to Japan.

One last thing, my new trainers are GREAT!!! No blisters, no knee problems, no hurting toe nails!


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