20 Jun 2012

Soon to Be Trail Running Near Spanish Mountains!

I've gone and done a really strange thing this time but it should be a very exciting experience :-)

I've signed up and been accepted to be a native English speaking volunteer at a language village in the North of Spain!
Basically over the course of 5 days I'll be living in a remote village at the foothills of the Spanish Gredos mountain range speaking English all day to Spanish business people that need to improve their English. There will be the same amount of volunteers as there are Spanish people. I pay for nothing (except extra beers) and get to stay in a 4 star luxury hotel with full board for free. I wanted to find a way to learn as much as possible about Spain and the Spanish people and think this may well be the way to do it! For more information see http://volunteers.grupovaughan.com/

I'm actually in Madrid again for 2 days from 2nd November until 4th November before I get shipped off to the village which is great because I still have very much to see there and definately want to go to 'The Tapa Caves' again :-)

What does this have to do with running I can hear you say? A lot!

After reading about the fantastic runs my 'blogger' friend Jose does (http://de10a100km.blogspot.com/) I've decided to try some different types of running myself and what better place to start than right by a mountain range. You can see by the photos how beautiful this place will be. I really can't wait to get out there :-)

Of course, there's a 2 hour break from talking in the middle of the day so everyone can have a siesta so I'm going to use this time to run and explore the area where I'll be staying. I can never sleep during the day anyway!


  1. Wow!! What a beautiful place Lynne!!
    By the way, I’m so flattered with your comment. I’m sure you’ll enjoy running there a lot.
    About the mole, I’ve been so lucky, the process was very quick and I only need 3 days without sport to let it heal properly :)

    1. You are so lucky! It was so hard to wait for 2 weeks.

      I've realised that there are many beautiful places I can run in and they don't always have to be city marathons. Thanks for opening up my eyes!

      As I arrive in Gran Canaria on the Wednesday I'm considering have a little trail run somewhere on the Thursday :-)

    2. Little trail 3 days before the marathon? It sounds crazy, but I like it :D Count on me!!

    3. COOL!!

      I thought I'd be getting lost alone :-)

      Hope you're also up for an evening (or 2) out on the town!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Pancho :-)

      It is certainly going to be an adventure!

  3. What a cool job, Lynne sis! Take me with you!!!!

    1. Would love to, you know that! I can't believe I'm going to miss you in Madrid by only 4 days :-(

      We'll work something out for March!

      2014 I'm visiting you :-)

  4. Wow! Lucky you! I'm very jealous of the spectacular runs that you're going to be doing! Enjoy!