1 Sept 2010

Nike makes me Glide in the Air!

September 1st 2010-It's great to be gliding on air!! I LOVE my new Nike Lunarglides :)
It seems so effortless to run in them!

I ran 5km today at what I thought was an easy pace and I did it in 30 minutes and 7 seconds. I thought it would be 35 minutes as I seemed to be going slow. It was pretty hot as the sun had decided to shine for a while.

These running shoes have definately boosted my confidence for the marathon!


  1. Hi,
    Great trainers! I have them too in purple.

    Loving your blog :)

    Enjoy getting ready for your marathon!


  2. Great blog and great to read you are going to run the Copenhagen marathon!

    Not sure a good pair of shoes can make anyone 20% faster but for sure the mix of extra confidence and the training of the last few weeks help a lot.


  3. Thanks Renato!

    I'm sure it's just because I'm feeling confident right now :)

    Are you coming over and running Copenhagen Marathon too?