30 Jan 2013

I LOVE My Brooks Trainers!

After running in my Brooks around 15 times now I feel like I'm ready to talk about them.

These are the best trainers I have found yet!!!

My Nike Lunarglides hurt my toes, my knees, and my arches. They had to go and I was so unhappy that I didn't want to use Nikes ever again!

My Asics Nimbus 12's were good and I have to admit I was a little scared to change brands but no matter what size I bought in them I'd still end up with squashed toenailess toes! (That doesn't look like a word to me but I think I've earned the right to use it).
A few American friends (and the Brooks guys at Berlin Marathon expo) suggested I try Brooks so that's what I did :-)

My Brooks Defyance 5 trainers are great! They are lightweight, have great support and  fantastic ventilation. My toes actually feel a little cold for the first few kilometres but this is only going to be a good thing for my toes (and toenails) once I start running the longer distances in them :-)
And the arch support for me is absolutely amazing!

From the very first run in these shoes I knew I was going to love them! My knees especially seem very happy about the change.

I know that Brooks are a sponsor of the Rock 'n' Roll Edinburgh half marathon so I'm planning on going over with a half empty suitcase and filling it up with Brooks goodies at the expo :-) And the free t-shirt? Yes it's a Brooks!


  1. Buena entrada Lynne... con la buena publicidad que le has hecho a BROOKS te deberían regalar el próximo par :-)

    ....Te escribo en español y así practicas :-) ... y además así me ahorro escribir en ENGLISH...que cada vez lo llevo peor :-(

    Un fuerte abrazo

    1. Thanks Pancho :-)

      And Spanish is fine as it's helping me get good at reading the language (can't speak it much yet though).

      See you sometime and somewhere (probably in Spain) :-)

  2. I love my Brooks PureFlow. They are the best running shoes I've ever hard. BTW, the RnR Edi expo is very small, you will see. But the landscape is unmatchable. Oh I am jealous! I want to go back!