4 Sept 2011

Running Coach Education!

This weekend I have been at 'school' learning to be a running coach!

It has been a very interesting weekend where I have learnt about all the different aspects of being a running coach. I have also meet some interesting people there.

Because I'm not Danish and the course was taught in Danish it has been very hard on my old brain :-o
Try concentrating in a foreign language for 8 hours straight and you will see what I mean!

I now have to write a written paper about my imaginary client called Erik who used to ski but hurt his knee. He wants to get back into skiing so has decided to run to build up the strength in his knees :-)

I have to write all about him and make up a training programme for him. I have one week to do it in.

I also have to do an online test mostly about physiology and anatomy by 25th September and then if I pass I will be a Certified Running Coach :-)

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