3 Jun 2011

Barcelona Marathon 2012!!

And so I've picked a new marathon!!

I'm going to run Barcelona Marathon on 25th March 2012 :-)

We're going to Barcelona for a few days over the summer so it will give me a chance to check out the route etc.

Maybe I can watch a football match while I'm there for the marathon.....now that would be great!!

I suppose I'd better start a new blog about Barcelona Marathon now then :-)


  1. Oh I'm so jealous. Toni and I have never been there except changing through on the train on time..it seemed a really great city.

    We are pretty much decided to do the Berlin marathon in 2012, but maybe Barcelona would be a better idea...hmm.

    I'm glad you are already looking forward to the next race!


  2. I'm hoping to do Berlin 2012 too :-) It looks like I'll see you both next year!

    Hope you're enjoying beautiful Børnholm!