23 Aug 2013

My New Blog called Run Travels

I have a new blog now at www.runtravels.blogspot.com

I have been very bad at keeping this blog up to date lately :-(

This is mostly because I haven't been running too many races and the small 5k races just don't seem so interesting anymore.

I am, however, still very much into running and travelling at the same time! In January I will finish my IATA/UFTAA education and receive my diploma as an International Travel and Tourism Consultant :-)

My plan for next year is to then set up my own business selling and guiding some running holidays for small groups mostly in Scotland. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to start up a new blog that also concentrates on the travelling side of things. This will also be combined with running as much as possible.

I really hope you will still want to follow my running (and also my travelling) at my new blog at www.runtravels.blogspot.com


  1. Sad and happy news in the same post... Me da pena que termines con tu Blog de siempre donde contabas cosas muy interesantes y siempre con una actitud muy positiva y alegre... Pero por otro lado me alegra leer que te metes de lleno en nuevas aventuras y que nos tendrás informados de todos a través de un Nuevo Blog

    Mucha suerte con esta nueva etapa!!!

    1. Thank you again for your kind words :-) And I'm so happy that you have joined my new blog and can keep up to date with my adventures!
      You'd better find a great route to guide me round in Las Palmas now so I can write about it ;-)

  2. I have the feeling this won't be your last post here since we are both going to be lucky enough to get into the London Marathon next year, right? Lots of love, Lynne sis! I like your plans. As you know, Scotland was my first International race. I love the country and it's people.

    1. My new blog is about running and travelling so, of course, all of my running adventures will be written about there :-)
      See you somewhere someplace next year Cirysis <3