29 Mar 2013

Running in the Danish Nature!

9am this morning my friend Felicity picked me up from my house and we drove north out of the city to a great nature area called Dyrehaven (the animal garden) to have a morning run :-)

This whole area is a beautiful forest!

Me before the run

Felicity before the run

Entrance to Dyrehaven

A spot of trail running :-)

Some residents of Dyrehaven

Some baby deer

And it just keeps on snowing

We found a tree den

The entrance to Bakken! A theme park in a forest

Bakken is the oldest theme park in the world!

A London bus cafe

Not quite an nice as the Tapas Bars in Madrid

Felicity after the run

Me and my very cold hands after the run

Our rewards :-)


  1. Beautiful place!! It must be lovely to see dears when you are running.

    Jeg er jaloux ;)

    1. Just wait until you get to Norway then I'm going to be jealous of you!!

  2. Wow! Did you have an idea you would experience the things you did that day? My long runs at the most consist of an occational coyote or rabbit. Nice pictures!

    1. I think I might be a little scared if a coyote crossed my running path....

  3. guauuuuuu fantastic photos!! Ese cafecito del final tuvo que sentar de p*** madre!!

  4. Looks like a great place to go for your runs, a bit chilly though! lovely photos.

    Mark Todd