11 Sept 2012

Berlin Tapering and Ouch!

First things first:- Only 20 Days until Berlin Marathon!!!

As usual things just don't seem to go as planned!

On Saturday I ran a 17k run with a pace of around 5:45. I was very happy with this :-)

On Sunday there was the Powerade Half Marathon in Copenhagen. I decided not to run for a few reasons. The main ones being that I need to pay for my race number for Valencia and didn't want to pay 300kr for a half marathon, I didn't want to risk my stomach playing up again because I'd already done a good run the day before, and Felicity was running it and I thought it should be her day not mine.

I have been instructing Felicity since last October when she could only run 2 minutes, then walk 2 minutes. Now she has finished a half marathon! I'm so proud of her!! She finished in a good time of 2 hours and 19 minutes :-)

Right back to my troubles this week....

I had an appointment yesterday with a skin doctor as I had noticed a couple of my moles were looking a little strange. She checked them out and everything was fine with them. All good so far...

She then checked all the moles on my body and found one on my shoulder blade that looked asymetrical so she removed it by punch biopsy and has sent it to be checked out!! I asked to see it afterwards and it was horrible! She had removed the mole and about 6mm of the skin layer below it!!

It's got stitches in it that will be removed on Friday 21st Sept. My problem is because of it being on my shoulder blade I can't really run until the stitches are removed. What am I supposed to do about my tapering?? I can bike so I'm thinking about just doing a lot of biking between now and Berlin. The doctor did give me the go ahead to run Berlin but I will have to have some tape over the scar.

I'm wondering if I should drop my idea of trying for a 4:15 marathon and just try to finish in under 4:30 instead? Grrrrrrrrrr...........


  1. The good news is that your legs are feeling great and that you trained hard this season. Keep active the next 3 weeks and then see how you feel the day of the race. If you are feeling strong, go for the 4:15 or less. If you are not feeling it, go for a sub 4:30. It's still a PR, right? Also, I read that the German race spectators are amazing so you might get extra energy from the crowds and who knows you might end up with a sub-4. Go Lynne go!!

  2. Thanks Ciry Sis :-)

    My plan right now is to start with the 4:15 goal in mind and if I have to drop back a bit later I should still get a sub 4:30 (even if I have 3 toilet stops!)

  3. Ugh, what a pain.

    Us fair skinned people have to be on the lookout...Toni is always checking me over ;)

    I have had one removed from the back of my hand..that really hurts let me tell you.

    I am much more careful to use sunscreen now on any parts of the body that would be painful to chop something out of ;) (face, head, neck, arms). I let the legs absorb all the vitamin D. 8)

    However it is great that you can run Berlin! Whew!

    1. Today has been much better and it's hardly hurting anymore but I don't want to risk running until the stitches are out.

      Maybe I could put my right arm in a sling so I don't move my shoulder blade and run with one arm? :-)