23 Sept 2012

Berlin Marathon in 7 days!!

I can't believe that this time in 7 days I will be proudly wearing my Berlin Marathon medal around my neck!!

It is so close now that all my nerves and emotions are beginning to kick in :-) I am so excited but also so scared of such a big marathon. He he not long to go now!

I arrive in Berlin on Thursday so have loads of time to explore. I've been there before but this time I have my older son with me so will be doing lots of kids stuff. 

Good news is I should have my own computer back within a week!!!! About time too! So I will have LOADS of photos for my Berlin write up :-)

Bad news is the weather is looking pretty bad right now :-( It says 15 degrees and RAIN. I don't care what the temperature is but I really don't want rain!!!

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