23 Jun 2012

Interval Training is Going to Kill Me!

This morning I decided to do some interval training. I wasn't sure what but just something.

Once I was out of the door I changed my mind and thought I'd try and beat my 5k time! I ran the first 2k with a pace of 4:50 which is way faster than the 5:10 I started out with last time. I simply couldn't keep running at that speed and had to stop and walk.

After walking around 400 metres, I then ran the next 1k with a pace of 4:40. It was so hard that I decided to do some of the good old 10-20-30 interval training to get home but instead of running the 30 seconds very slow I walked them. Then I ran the 20 seconds with a pace of around 5:30 and then sprinted the last 10 seconds. I did this pattern for around 2k and was very nearly dead by the time I got home!

I suppose if I keep doing something like this every week I'll get used to it in the end and will be faster for Berlin but it's SO hard right now!


  1. Too fast too fast too fast! Crazy.

    Try 2k at half marathon pace.

    1. I feel much better now I'm allowed to slow down!

      Thanks Paul :-)

  2. The intervals are always a nightmare, but I love them. It sounds weird, but I enjoy squeezing myself that way, bcos that's the way I can improve my shape.
    You know, no pain, no gain :D