20 Oct 2011

Berlin Marathon 2012!!

Ok, so now I know I really am a little mad in the head!

I haven't even run Valencia Marathon yet and I have just signed up to run Berlin Marathon 2012!!

I think Berlin is one of those marathons that just has to be tried :-)

So this blog will still stay alive after Valencia!!

I don't think I can call myself a beginner anymore but I hope this blog can still help others with their first marathon :-)

See you in Berlin Paul from http://50-is-the-new-30.blogspot.com/


  1. Berlin is one of the Marathons which every runner must run......I´m sure It will be an incredible experience

  2. And very different from Valencia marathon!!

  3. Perfgect!! I'll be reading your blog until next October!!
    I'm not ready yet to do a marathon. Buy i'll be in Berlin in May for a 25km race!!

  4. I can't wait to run in Berlin! I love the city very much.

    Have you been there before?