15 Oct 2011

Tårnbyløbet 2011!! (Tårnby Race)

On Thursday evening I ran 5k in Tårnbyløbet 2011 with my 8 year old son :-)

It was his first real race and he was very excited about running it!

I thought it was a good idea to start of at a pace of 6 minutes a kilometre. This lasted for about 2k and then my son wanted to go faster and faster! At the 4k point I was beginning to struggle to keep up with him!

I managed somehow to follow a few metres behind him. When we could see the finish line around 200 metres away we both just started running as fast as we could. I actually was much slower in my finish sprint than normal because I had used all my energy keeping up with my son for the last km :-)

He ran very fast and crossed the finish line just in front of me! Our time for 5k was 28 minutes and 40 seconds!

Next time I think I'll just let him go for it from the beginning and try and keep up with him :-)

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    He is on the DHL relay team next year - Flemming is in for some tough competition :-)