14 Mar 2011

Nike Marathon Test 2

I ran the Nike Marathon Test 2 yesterday which is 15k!

I had a great run even though I was still ill with a bad cold and could hardly talk :-)

It was harder to run though because it hurt to breath but I was still very happy with my time of 1 hour and 28 minutes. The last official 15k I ran was in 1 hour and 24 minutes so with not much training the last two weeks and being ill I was only four minutes slower!

The course was round the Østerbro area and through Fælledparken. It was quite nice weather as there was hardly any wind and it was raining just a little bit.

I'm really looking forward to running the Nike Marathon Test 3 in April which is a half marathon :-)


  1. Good job considering the cold...my throat hurts thinking of it..

    Hope you are gradually feeling better..

    Flights to DK are all arranged!

  2. Hope we can meet up for a pre-marathon run when you're here :-)

  3. We should make that happen. (A very very short run of course since it will be tapered-time!)

    If that doesn't work then we can perhaps meet at the expo.

    My wife got biz class tix with our frequent flyer miles so my legs will be traveling in style both ways..sweet! =)

    Only 2 months to go! The big runs are coming up for you..they are the most important of all.