5 Mar 2014

Long Run Before Barcelona!

My long run for Barcelona is now done and out of the way :-) I ran 26k this time which is much more than I did for Copenhagen last year!

I have done so much training the last few months and feel in the best shape and am ready to run my slowest marathon yet!
The challenge for me will be to run slow so I'll probably do my normal marathon pace and just walk a lot :-)

I'm aiming to finish Barcelona and Rome in 5 hours. Barcelona won't be a problem but I have no idea how my legs will be for Rome one week later! Even if it takes me 6 hours to finish Rome I don't care as it's supposed to be one of the most beautiful and interesting marathon routes :-)

Now I can sit back and relax a bit. I love tapering!


  1. Good Luck!....Enjoy that races!!

    1. Thanks Pancho :-)
      I really can't wait to be in Barcelona again!