1 Aug 2012

Berlin Marathon in Less Than Two Months!

July seems to have really gotten away from me this year!

I have been on holiday for most of it so I think I've been a little lazy with my writing ;-)
I have still been out running and am really enjoying my 17:30 run every Monday evening where I run with others. We add an extra kilometer each week which is really working out well. Once we get into the middle of August I'm going to add an extra 5k or so onto the distance just for myself and use the Monday training for my long runs.

I'm nearly half way through my running coaching of my beginners group and it's going very well. They are surprised at how much fitter they feel now compared to just 6 weeks ago!

Team Hvidovre
I'm still planning on just having one longer run each week and doing some hill training too. The other days I will be doing interval training so I can finish Berlin in 4 hours and 15 minutes or under :-)


  1. Nice plan for the marathon, Im thinking about something similar to prepare for the GC marathon. I'll force myself to get 2 days doing intervals, one for long run and hopefully I'll still get time for one hill training + swim and bike :-)

    By the way, I think with ur preparation you could go for under 4h in Berlin :D

  2. The interval training will certainly get you under 4:15. I was talking to a coach the other day at a race in London who swears by getting his trainees to do as many 5ks and 10ks as possible :)