15 Apr 2012

One Week Until Madrid Marathon!

This time in a week it will all be over....again!

And I have a sore throat and a cold :-( I'm taking loads of vitamin C and drinking Beechams. So glad I got some sent over from England.

I'm not feeling to bad, just a little rundown and tired. I'll just take it easy and sleep loads. I'm sure once I land in Madrid and feel the warmer weather I will feel much better...

I'm looking very much forward to my time in Madrid :-)
I won't have my family there so have no 'supporters' but I will have a break from the cold in Denmark, time to myself, and get to meet my new friend Ciry in person :-)


  1. My hubby is fighting a cold too. Keep drinking tons of fluids. Have a safe trip!

    1. Thanks Patty :-) I'm feeling a little better today so that's a good sign. My sore throat has gone completely!