25 Apr 2012

I Want to Run Another Marathon Now!

I am still on such a high from running the Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon!!

I have had hardly any arches and pains and what I did have was gone by Monday afternoon. I do have some blisters but they are heeling up nicely and my toenails actually look like they are staying on this time.

I have even started running (slowly) up the metro steps again!

I am seriously considering signing up for Copenhagen Marathon 2012 which is on the 20th May!! I just can't wait until September 30th to run Berlin Marathon. It's just way too long to wait!

If not, then I'll try and find a June marathon either in Denmark or close by. Maybe I should try and become a 'Marathon Maniac' next year :-)

I'll have to take a second job to pay for all these trips I need to go on :-)


  1. you are a Marathon adicted!!

    un fuerte abrazo

    1. Yes I suppose I am :-)

      I'm thinking about running Valencia again this year! Are you running it?

  2. CPH is an obvious one to do...close and cheap!

    Lots of people run marathons to train for the next one. You can't run them all out but if you run them at comfy paces like you do, you can..

    I did this to get into marathon maniacs. If you do two in 16 days or 3 in 60 days you can get in at the bronze level. I did 8 in less than a year which gets silver. You also get props for doing different countries, etc.

    so, you might want to check that out ..;)

  3. Funny you say that....I have their website open right now! I think I should go for bronze next year. Maybe the 3 marathons over a month...

    I saw someone running Madrid in a Marathon Maniac t-shirt and now I want one too :-)

  4. I was going to run the RnR San Diego 1/2 on June 3rd but I am thinking of upgrading to the full. I wish you lived closer, blondie!

    1. Yeah upgrade!!

      I wish I lived closer (or you lived closer) too!

      I think instead of running Copenhagen I'm going to try for the bronze level of Marathon Maniacs and run Berlin on the 30th Sept, another marathon in October and then Valencia on 18th Nov :-)