27 Apr 2012

My Marathon Wish List for the Next Year!

Madrid Memories
My plan is now to become a 'Marathon Maniac' like my friend Paul from 50 is the new 30. All I have to do is run 3 marathons in 90 days. I'm not sure if I can do that this year or not. There is a marathon not far from me on October 14th which is 2 weeks after Berlin and one month before Valencia. You don't have to sign up much in advance so I think I'll see how I recover from Berlin and take it from there. If I do run all 3 I'll be doing three marathons in less than 2 months!!

This is my 'marathon wish list' for the next year (or so).

30th Sept 2012 - Berlin Marathon (already have a place)
14th Oct 2012 - Sydkyst Marathon (this depends how easily I recover from Berlin)
18th Nov 2012 - Valencia Marathon (again)
17th March 2013 - Barcelona Marathon (please please please Ciry)
April 2013 - London Marathon (if I get a place in the lottery draw)
Jan 2014 - Gran Canaria Marathon (for Pancho!)

I was looking at Athens in November 2013 but think that 90 Euros is a little steep for race entry. I know London will be expensive too but it's almost my 'home town' so if I get a place I have to pay out for that one :-)

Valencia looks like it will be a definate one as I'm hoping to go there for a week and take 'part one' of a beginner Spanish course. I'll take part two 'when' I am in Barcelona to run the marathon there next March!

I'm really hoping that Ciry wants to run Barcelona in 2013!! There are so many people we know that are going to. Come on Ciry......you know you want to :-)


  1. Huge Surprise Lynne!!!!!!!!...Gran Canaria Marathon is still a little Marathon (400-500 runners with other 2000-3000 who run 10 K and Half Marathon)...but if you run in 2014 I´m sure that you enjoy it very much

    Ojalá nos podamos conocer antes en el Maratón de Barcelona 2013...si la corro que yo aún no tengo claro que carreras podre hacer en el 2013
    (Spanish Second Lesson)

    Un fuerte abrazo

    1. Which one was the surprise?

      I am actually a little worried about Berlin because there will be so MANY runners. I prefer smaller marathons (around 10000).

      It's you that has made me even consider Gran Canaria :-)

      Second Spanish Lesson 'maybe we can meet at Barcelona Marathon 2013...yes but I might not run it in 2013'???

      I don't think that's a correct translation though...

    2. The pleasant surprise for me is to come into your plans the modest marathon of my city

      You progress well with your Spanish lessons, only some mistakes in the final part, the correct translate could be ... "I hope we can meet before in the 2013 Barcelona Marathon ... if I run that I have not yet clear which races I can do in 2013"

      Un fuerte abrazo Lynne!!

    3. Another reason for me to run Gran Canaria is that Ciry's mum is from down that way!
      She is one of the most wonderful people I have met in a long time so it would be great to get a chance to meet up with her again.

      Oh yeah, and as you talked me into running it you will also have to run it yourself that year :-)

    4. hahaha thank you! YES, my mom is awesome! Of course! :)

    5. BTW, I am very jealous! I wish I could run GC with you. This is where I was born, although we moved to the neighbor island Tenerife when I was little.

  2. ok...I am so so so jealous of the beautiful countysides you are able to visit and run in!!! Just came across your blog from Paul's. I look forward to reading about your marathon journey while recovering from my surgery. It will keep me going ;)

    1. I think I am very lucky to live in Europe and have so many different places to visit within easy reach :-)

      I hope you recover quickly from your surgery and are able to run again soon!

      Wishing you all the best!