17 Jan 2011

Ouch My Foot!!

Well that's just great.....Here I am about to start my serious marathon training four months before Copenhagen Marathon 2011 and I've hurt my foot :-(

I think it's just a tendon. I was fine while running yesterday but later on in the evening the top of my foot between my big toe and my arch started to hurt. It was like something was grinding whenever I moved my foot or toes a certain way. Especially if I pointed my toes upwards.

I taped my foot up when I went out as I wasn't sure what else to do. When I came home I remembered a bandage, that I had bought when I was in England, called Physicool. (http://www.physicool.co.uk/)

It's a cooling bandage for inflammation and bruising of the muscles tendons and ligaments. I'm not sure how it works but it has the cooling agent already in the bandage so you don't have to put it in the fridge.

Anyway I put the bandage on, elevated my foot, and left it there for around one and a half hours. My foot was tingling for sometime afterwards but the pain was mostly gone and there was no more grinding sensation.

I'm going to put it on again this evening while watching a DVD and see how my foot is in the morning.

This is very annoying!!!


  1. Bummer. Sorry this happened...hopefully it will pass quickly.

    Can you be more specific where the grinding feeling is/was? . Near a big toe joint?

    Was it grinding or would you also be able to say more of a 'creaking' feeling?

    Coold seems good. You could also try ibuprofen to reduce any inflammation too.
    [RICE => Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation]

    I have a couple of cold gel packs in the fridge at all times for just such emergencies.

    For now I'd assume it will pass with care and a bit of rest. If it doesn't I'm sure it can be prevented..but keep track of the symptoms now for future reference.

  2. Thanks Paul.

    It is kind of in the middle of the top of my foot about 2cms up from my big toe and I would say it's probably more of a creaking feeling just like knees can do if you sit in the same position for too long.

    I've just sat with the bandage on and my foot elevated for nearly 2 more hours and I will skip my run tomorrow. It is actually feeling much better already!
    Hopefully it will be fine by Thursday.

    I think I just pushed myself to hard and ran too fast at times yesterday.

    I'm also going to tie my laces looser as I've read that can help.

    I really appreciate the help you are giving me :-)

  3. Just remember this when you want to push too much:

    It's better to get to the starting line 10% undertrained than to be on the sidelines injured because you were 1% overtrained.

    Now I will read what I just wrote and also try to do this ;)