14 Aug 2011

Valencia Marathon Training Schedule!

I've written out a marathon training schedule for Valencia Marathon :-)

It has a page of it's own at the top of the blog.

I've been training quite a few days this week but only smaller distances as I am running 5k in the dhl Stafet (company relay race) at the end of August.

As you can see in the training schedule my serious training starts on Tuesday :-)


  1. Hey Lynne I will add you to my favs' list in my blog. Great job! Will keep reading you
    Boomer at
    What's your target for Val?Is that your son in the pic? I have two Carmelo of 8 and Angel is 4
    Big hug mate
    Barbara "Boomer"

  2. Thanks for the links Barbara :-)

    I ran Copenhagen Marathon this year in 4 hours and 43 minutes so I'm going to try and get under 4 hours and 30 minutes in valencia.

    What is your target time?

    Yes, that is one of my sons in the photo. Like you I also have 2 boys :-) One is 8 years and the other is 3 years.

  3. Same target times! However my main goal is to finish it, but wish to prepare it well to do it in that time-that is under 4.30.
    That was a great Marathon you ran in Copenhagen, congratulations!! Oh here goes another one 101k in RONDA, END OF APRIL, BEG. OF MAY. Have you tried trail-running? or Aquathlons? Glad to talk to you again,
    Bye for now, big hug mate

  4. That's great that you have the same target time! If they have areas at the start line for the 4 hour and 30 minute people I'll see you there :-)

    I've only done the one marathon (and many smaller runs) up to now.

    I'd like to try trail runs but my knees don't like off road running :-( And Aquathlons sounds like something to do with water and I am probably the slowest swimmer ever.

    I'm planning on running around 2 marathons a year in different places each time as I love traveling and running so why not combine the two things :-)