24 Aug 2011

Start Number Valencia Marathon!

I just bought my start number for Valencia Marathon 2011!!!

I can't wait :-) It's going to be a fantastic trip.

I'm really looking forward to running a marathon in a different country! I plan to run two marathons a year in a different place each time :-)


  1. I've just seen your blog. Last December I spent a week in yout beautiful city. It was a very pleasant travel. There was all snowy all the time and in the parks there were a lot of runners!!
    You will see Valencia is a very nice place to run. It's very very flat and you'll do a very good race!!
    Best regards from Pamplona, Spain
    Beautiful photos!!

  2. Valencia is beautiful city indeed! Be sure to try the "paella" as your carb-loading before the race! Good luck. You'll do it great, motivation is key!

  3. Thank you both for your kind words :-)

    I am looking very much forward to visiting Valencia and running the marathon. I am arriving on the Thursday so I will have lots of time to see the city before I run.

    Are you running Valencia too?

  4. I live in Pamplona, 600 km from Valencia, in the north of Spain. But I've been several times running in Valencia (in other shorter distances than marathon) and it's great.
    You'll do it great and I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot.
    I'd like to run a race in your beautiful country. Maybe in 2012??

  5. Great stuff Lynne. Its going to be exciting following your Valencia adventure, after your fantastic effort at the Copenhagen Marathon.

    You go girl :-)

  6. Hey Lynne, I look forward to meeting you there, you know. Have started training too. Short distances to improve the timing. 8k race in the area next weekend plus a 6000m swim race which will contribute to relaxing muscles
    Big hug mate

  7. I think it's going to be a completely different experience from Copenhagen because of the language, because of the sight seeing aspect, and because there are no where near as many runners and hardly any women!

    I'm sure it will be a GREAT experience though :-)