1 Aug 2011

Malmömilen 10k!

SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2011

Yesterday I went over to a town in Sweden called Malmö where I then ran in a new race called Malmömilen!

It had a great 10k route around the city.

Because everything was in Swedish it was a little hard for me to find changing rooms and where to leave my luggage but it was very easy to find the start line as I just had to follow the crowds.

I started in the group going for around a 55 minute time. There were many bands and crowds on the route. In a way it was the same as Copenhagen Marathon but just not so long. I was very pleased to see so many people were out cheering on the runners. It was actually a lot of fun :-)

First we ran in a snakey way towards the centre of the town, then through the town and towards the water and out to a lighthouse. Near the lighthouse you could choose to do a 100 meter sprint or not. The fastest man and the fastest woman for the sprint will win an Ipad!

I choose to run the sprint and am just waiting for the results of it still. During the 100 meters I overtook 2 men and 1 woman and made the crowd watching go WOW so I think I'm in with a chance of winning!!

After the sprint we ran along by the water and then up to the 'Turning Torso'. I had never seen it up close before. As you can see by my photo the whole building is twisted. It is a beautiful piece of architecture!

We then ran through a park and back to the finish area. Because I did the sprint and had to walk a little afterwards my time was a little slower than my normal 10k. I finished in 57:34! I even got another medal for my collection :-)

Me in Orange!

Next Saturday I am running a 10k in !Solid Ørestad. This is on my home turf so I'm going to be a little more competitive for that one!

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