4 Aug 2011

Valencia Marathon 2011!!

And so I will be running Valencia Marathon on November 27th 2011!!

I changed my mind about running Barcelona because, although the city and route are fantastic, it would involve training during the winter again! And the winter in Denmark is VERY cold and VERY windy :-(

Also I haven't been so motivated to run lately so what better way to motivate myself than choose to run a marathon that's only 16 weeks away!

I am travelling there by myself and will have 3 days in Valencia before I run the marathon so I am really looking forward to having the time to myself.

Valencia Marathon should also be very interesting to run as it has been improved and the route changed for this year. Another thing I should have a lot of support from the Valencian men as last year there were 2950 men that finished but only 157 women!!


  1. Oh yes, great thinking on your part...I remember how cold it was..good idea to focus on fall marathons! (Or get really used to running on treadmills...bleh).

    16 weeks is enough time...it's not your first after all ;)

  2. I hate treadmills! I find them so boring....

    And yes I think fall marathons are good to focus on as I'm going to try for Berlin or Venice next year :-)

  3. I will run my first Marathon in Valencia

    Good Luck!!!

  4. Good luck with your first marathon!!

    If you want any tips feel free to ask :-)