18 Oct 2010

Festival of Lights Running Tour Berlin

This weekend my husband and I have been in Berlin.

I found out beforehand that there would be the Festival of Lights while we were there so I thought it might be fun to have a running tour in the evening to see the lights!

I found a fantastic running tour at www.mikes-sightrunning.de/en/


The tour was a special one for the Festival of Lights and I measured it to be 11.5km.

Mike is a fantastic guide and even though I was the only one on the tour that didn't understand German he was happy to translate for me, even asking me to run up front with him.

I enjoyed this tour so much and wish I had done it when we first arrived in Berlin as Mike told us so much information about the city and the best places to eat etc.

I will definately do a running tour whenever I travel now as it's a great way to see a city and have fun at the same tíme :)

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