31 Oct 2010

Copenhagen Marathon Start Op 15km

I ran this morning in the marathon start op and ran 15km in 1 hour, 24 minutes and 13 seconds (official time)!
I was aiming for around 27/28 minutes so am really pleased with this time. Oh and my knee wasn't hurting at all. I did take 2 ibrufen tablets before the race though, just in case.

It was 3 times around Fælledparken on Østerbro and there were pace setters that you could follow. I ran either a little ahead or a little behind the 5.40 ones all the time.

It was a fantastic race and the day couldn't have been better! No wind! No rain! No sun! Just a very cloudy sky. The leaves were falling or had fallen from the trees and the smell of Autumn was in the air :)

15 minutes before the race I took a High5 energy gel to wake me up a little.

Me in the distance on the very left hand side of the photo

The first 5km was pretty easy and I decided not to have any water and just keep running when I had gone round once. There were way too many people at the water depot anyway. The second time round was much harder, probably because I stop for a drink!
At 10km I had some water and also some Powerade which gave me a great boost for kilometres 11 and 12.

At 13km my pace becan to slow down so I took a SIS energy gel and managed to finish the 15km on a high!!

Another great race by Sparta :)

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