1 Jan 2011

Socialmarathon 2010 = Ice, Accidents, Champagne, and Lots of Fun!!!

My First Ever Medal :-)

Running the (Half) Socialmarathon 2010 was a really great experience!

I decided to run it with the 2 hours, 15 minutes group and was really glad I did as 2 hours would have been too hard for me.

As it had rained the night before this had then frozen on the roads and pavements and made the going VERY slippery and icey. This called for much more concentration than usual just to stay upright.

We were about 50 to 55 people running in my time group which was a really good number. At the start line I started speaking to a Scottish man and we ran together talking all the way round.

Around about the 10 or 11km mark we were all running on the bike path or pavement when a garbage truck came around the corner too quickly and skidded on some ice. It hit a car on the other side of the road! Me and another man ran over to make sure the people in the car were ok. They were and there wasn't too much damage to the car.
I keep thinking that it was so lucky for us that the garbage truck slid towards the other side of the road as it would have hit us runners if it had gone the other way.

Ice, Ice, and more Ice!

I was finding it quite easy going until we got to Amagerstrand around the 13km mark. As soon as we got there the path was just thick ice that was packed together. I choose to run by the side of the path as much as possible as I found it a little easier and not so slippery. It was still hard to run on as every step you were dipping in and out of other peoples iced up footsteps.

When we got to the next water/tea/cake stop I realised that we were only at the 16km mark. How was I going to run another 5km? I was beginning to control my breathing properly and not speak so much as it was becoming hard to breath in the cold.

I was actually ok after the break and had no problems until 18.5km when I felt the need to look at my watch for the first time. This spurred me on when I realised there was only another 2.5km to go. At 19.5km I was dead and just watching the feet of the Scottish man infront of me. When I looked up I could see the building by the finsh line. When I had the finish line in sight I said to the Scottish man 'let's do a sprint finish'. So we both zoomed over the line :-)

I then got my medal and my diploma and spent the next hour drinking champagne and eating cake and chatting! I think I had 4 glasses of champagne in all :-)

When I arrived home my husband was at the door taking photos of me! My boys and hubby gave me a 200kr gift voucher to a sports shop for being 'The Worlds Best Running Mum' :-)

I was so tired and worn out that I had to have a sleep before our New Years Eve party.


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