13 Jan 2011

Running with my Son :-)

I had to pick my 7 year old son up from cubs/scouts today so I had a 5.5km run beforehand. It started snowing as soon as I stepped out of the door.

When I had got him we decided to run home so ran 1.25km together :-)

He is training up to run 2km as he wants to run the last 2km of Copenhagen Marathon with me and help me cross the finish line!


  1. Hi Lynne,

    Great that you got to run with your son! Very cute that he wants to 'run you in' 8)

    Looks like I'll be running this race too. My wife and I are going to be visiting friends that recently moved back to Copenhagen and we are combining that trip with a change to run the marathon there.

    This will be my first Europe marathon 8)

    Keep up your training (though it's tough in all your snow and cold)! The long runs (32km) are tough but soo important!


  2. Thanks Paul :-)

    Have you been to Copenhagen before? It's a beautiful city especially in the Springtime!

    The marathon route is pretty flat and takes you past many of the city sights :-)

    I have to admit that I'm not really looking forward to the long runs!

  3. Yes, I've been a few times (my mother-in-law is swedish/danish). Denmark is great! (in the summer of course!).

    It's a great city for a run (FLAT mostly). But I hope we don't run on cobblestones too much! Don't know if there's any on the route.

    The long runs are the best part! Try walk-running them 5 min run/1 min walk.

    What training plan are you following? Is it online?

  4. Hi again.

    I'm about to start following a plan that's in a book called 'The Non-Runners Marathon Trainer'.
    It's all about finishing the marathon without putting pressure on yourself to get a set time.

    I can run a half marathon in 2 hours flat so I'm thinking about 4 and a half hours for a marathon but I'm also fine if it takes 6 hours. I just have to cross the finish line :-)

    If I want to run another one I may do Berlin as well this year!

    Which marathons have you run in so far?

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Hej Lynne,

    That sounds like a great plan. Too many people seem to try to go too fast for the first...happens over and over.

    My feeling is it's better to try for a fast time after you have more experience racing and peaking your training for a race.

    4:30 is a good target.

    It's VERY tempting to go too fast in the beginning. The excitement, the fact that you are tapered and feel like a million bucks the other runners all going too fast, etc.

    But you have to resist and go at what feels like a crazy slow, even, pace. You can always speed up for the second half (ha ha).

    If you start slowly and carefully you will pass a bunch of people in the last miles, and that can be good for your morale ;)

    Here's a link to my very first blog post from march of 2009, which was my first marathon write up:


    I've run 5 more since then...and I'll be doing three between now and Copenhagen. Sounds crazy but I'm not running them fast..just out for a fun time.

    Once you get a solid base you can actually pretty much ran a marathon anytime you want (as long as you aren't racing!)

    Ok, enough blabbing! You have a good weekend too!