26 Jan 2011

Another Snowy and Windy Cold Run!

See my run at http://go.nike.com/21dlkh5

By the title of this entry you will probably realise that the weather has once again gone down hill!

                                                                   It is so cold outside

This afternoon the sun was out for a little while so I thought it best to do my run then.
The wind was making my whole body feel like ice especially while running into it! It wasn't so bad on the way back other than having the sun reflecting on the snow :-)

I went down Ørestads Boulevard all the way to Islands Brygge metro station and then ran down and along Islands Brygge water front. Then back through the Amagerfælled where I got lost and ended up with 1.5km extra on my distance :-)

You may notice that the routes I run are usually not the same. This is so I don't get bored and I get to see different things each time I run.

I can honestly say that I am finding my marathon training so much fun right now :-)

If Copenhagen Marathon goes well I am seriously thinking about running Berlin Marathon this year too!!

Now I know I really am strange ;-)


  1. Glad this marathon is in MAY!

    Good thing there are Danes. Else who would live in Denmark? 8)

  2. Crazy english people like me I suppose :-)