8 Jun 2012

Running Coach Job!

I have a running coach job for a well know athletics company DGI Storkøbenhavn :-)

A few months ago I went to a group interview with them to be put on their list of instructors. Then when they need someone they go over their list and find the person that best meets they needs.

I will be instructing a group of beginner runners to help them go from 0k to a 5k race in 12 weeks.

I start on Saturday 30th June and I can't wait!!


  1. Congratulations Lynne!.....I´m sure taht you will be a perfect coach!!

    1. Thank you Pancho :-)

      It's about 40 minutes run away to where I'm working so, of course, I'm going to run there and back and use it as my marathon training...