7 Jun 2012

Max 100 Løbet! Theo's First Run!

Yesterday evening near where I live there was a great run called Max100 Løbet. It is a run to promote using a maximum of 100 liters of water a day.

Last year Latimer ran it alone and did the 2.5k route in 14 minutes. He choose to run this route again to beat his time. Theo (my 3 year old) said that he wanted to run too so I signed the three of us up.

I thought it would take around 30 to 40 minutes and lots of walking and me carrying Theo to get to the finish line. How wrong I was!!

Theo would run around 10 metres then walk for 2 metres and then run again. Using this pattern he crossed the finish line after only 20 minutes and 45 seconds :-) It looks like both my children are going to be faster runners than me!

And how did Latimer do you may be wondering.....he finished the 2.5k in 10 minutes!!

I can't wait to see how fast his next 5k is! We are running one together (yeah right) on the 4th July by the beach :-)


  1. Your Latimer is speedy and Theo is just sooooo CUTE! OMG!

    1. Gracias Smukke :-) (beautiful)

      Theo really enjoyed himself and had so much energy! It won't be very long I suppose until he is faster than me as well...

  2. Wow 10 minutes. And Theo too!
    (He's so cute with the huge bib on)

    You will be in the dust behind these two

    1. I can't wait to see what Latimer runs the next 5k in :-)

      The bib was just so big for Theo....he had a great time and is already asking when he can run again!