5 Jun 2012

Ørestad Bjergløb (Mountain Run) 2012

Ok so Denmark doesn't really have any mountains but that doesn't mean it can't feel like I'm running up some!

Today was my 'comeback' run after nearly 3 weeks away from running! (my mole is completely gone though and healed without a scar) Oh I've missed running so much....I am quite clearly addicted :-)

The last week has been really bad! I have been sad, quiet, tired, and sick. I'm blaming the lack of exercise!

Today was the first time that there has been an Ørestad Bjergløb (mountain run). Ørestad is my home ground so, of course, this was a run I would do....It was organised by Ørestad Løbeklub. (as I forgot my camera I have permission from another runner called Sofia to use hers)

Ørestad is a new area of the city and has some great modern architecture. In this run we got to go inside some of these buildings where I have never been before. I was looking very much forward to that part!

me in the white hat as usual

Fields Shopping Center
The run started in Ørestad Park and then to and inside Fields shopping centre. Once inside we ran up the spiral staircase and then down the other side of the center to the bottom. Then up a little, and up the moving slope (not moving today) and back down again and then past some more shops and back out where we came in.
the steep hill

 steep hill again
We then ran through some 'proper' fields this time up to a big VERY steep hill. This we then run up, around, and back down again. Hard on the legs!
Then it was through some more nature and up to the building called 8-tallet.


Once at 8-tallet we ran up the slope around the building, then up a ton of steps, and back down a slope. Then it was up many many more steps we ran. I had to walk a little of them as my legs turned to jelly! I've never experienced that before. I walked it off then went back down steps and slopes to the bottom again. Once there I was told to run the steps up again by mistake!! I said' no way I've already done it'. Another trip up would have killed me for sure!
Rambøll building
After that it was another long straight running stretch to take us to the next building which belongs to Rambøll. I know someone that works in there and they were watching out for me on the stairs to cheer me on :-) Inside we ran all the way up, round the inside and then back down and out again.

Ørestad school
Next the course went back past Fields and on to Ørestad School. Here we ran up on the outside of the building and then we ran down. I walked up the last two flights of stairs here as it was mega hard going! The problem was that you thought you were at the top then turned a corner and there were around six more flights of stairs in front of you. It reminded me of Madrid in that way.

inside Ørestad college
Once finished with the school we ran next door into the college. This has a large spiral staircase inside which, of course, we all then run up to the top of and run back down again :-)

my favourite steps
Then it was on to a fantastic building called VM Bjerget which has steps running up and down the outside of it. This was very easy for me as these are the very steps that I have done a lot of my Madrid marathon training on. These were fun :-)

Afterwards it was little run back to the park again and over the finish line!!

the finish line
While this was an extremely hard run for me I will definately be doing it next year as well :-) Hopefully without having had a three week break before!


  1. good race Lynne!
    Hay que ver las carreras que se inventan por ahí para hacer rutas con montaña!!

    A big hug and I'm glad you're back to run

    1. Thanks :-)

      It was actually so much harder than just running a marathon!! I'm considering doing (almost) the same run for my weekly hill training instead of just running up and down the same steps all the time.


  2. Ha! I was walking up 8-tallet as a tourist 2 days before CPH...felt like death warmed over too ;) Nice place to live in but a bit in the middle of nowhere.

    Glad your stitches are out and running again!

    1. Going up 8-tallet twice was so much harder than it sounded!

      I run up to it and around the area there quite a bit. Great when it's sunny, not so nice when it's windy.

      I am so glad to be running again - let the Berlin training begin :-)

  3. Glad to hear that you are up and running again :-) How crazy & fun to run through these buildings. The Ørestad college looks awesome. I can't wait to visit Copenhagen!

    1. and I can't wait for you to visit Copenhagen! You and your family are welcome anytime :-)

      I was also very impressed with the inside of the college. It doesn't look anything special outside but once in impressions definately change!

  4. Interesting race and beautiful danish arquitecture. If you do not have the hills you invent it. Regards,

    1. I thought it was a very interesting race to run and enjoyed it very much.

      We have some rather high hotels out here too so the next race I'd like to see here is a stair one in all three of them :-)

  5. Very peculiar your mountain race :) But it sounds like fun to be able to discover some buildings in such a way.
    Also, it must be tough to climb all those stairs.

    Welcome back ;) Big hug

    1. It was so hard! And I'm very happy to be back :-)