13 May 2012

Run Grumpy Girl Run!!

Today I have been really grumpy and simply couldn't snap out of it. I put 'Run Fat Boy Run' on and watched the whole film. It's a film about a man that decides to run a marathon to win back his ex. The only problem is the marathon is in 3 weeks time and he is very unfit and never run before! I love that film :-)

After watching it I thought about how the main character just kept on going even when the going was really tough. This gave me the idea that maybe if I go out for a run I might cheer up a little.....so I decided to run 10k.
I took some water and 3 gels with me just in case I changed my mind and wanted to run further.

I started running my usual route down by the harbour at Islands Brygge and then crossed over the footbridge to the other side. Then I carried on passed the bridge over to Christianshavn, carried on up to Nyhavn, and continued along the waterfront heading towards the Little Mermaid. I was feeling good so made up my mind to run a half marathon today!

After going past the Little Mermaid I headed all the way up Langelinje and, at the lighthouse thing at the end, turned around and ran home again.

I had a great half marathon run and certainly felt much happier afterwards :-)

My training for this week has gone really well and I'm not actually 'training' right now!

Monday - 40 minutes Hill Training
Tuesday - Fast 2k
Thursday - 6k
Sunday - Half Marathon


  1. I like this film!!........Good week Lynne!...nice pictures and trainings!!

    1. Thank you :-)

      Your week has looked good too but I must say I'm a little worried about the heat you are having.....

      And I love that photo of the dog in ice :-)

  2. I am always looking for motivation. Will try to find that film. Btw, awesome work out! Keep strong.