16 May 2012

It's Funny How Quickly Plans Can Change!

Maybe I could get a medal like this :-)
I was just re-reading my old blog post from 2nd December 2011 50 marathons, 50 cities, before I'm 50 and looking at my planned marathons from that time. This is how they looked 6 months ago:-

May 2011 - Copenhagen Marathon
Nov 2011 - Valencia Marathon
Spring 2012 - Madrid or Barcelona Marathon
Autumn 2012 - Berlin Marathon
Spring 2013 - Barcelona or Madrid Marathon
Autumn 2013 - Nice-Cannes Marathon
Spring 2014 - Seville Marathon
Autumn 2014 - Venice Marathon

This is how they look right now:-

May 2011 - Copenhagen Marathon (04:43:33)
Nov 2011 - Valencia Marathon (04:31:55)
April 2012 - Madrid Marathon (04:35:41)
Sept 2012 - Berlin Marathon (signed up)
Oct 2012 - South Coast Marathon Denmark
Jan 2013 - Gran Canaria Marathon (signed up)
March 2013 - Rome or Barcelona Marathon
April 2013 - London Marathon (if I get a lottery place)
May 2013 - Copenhagen Marathon (free entry. signed up)
Aug 2013 - Brisbane Marathon 

Allowing for an autumn marathon as well, (and getting a place in London) I will have run 11 marathons by the end of 2013! Taking out Copenhagen which I will have run twice, I will then have 10 marathons in 10 different places towards my 50 marathons goal. 

When I made the goal it seemed like I would maybe just about make it before 50. At the rate I'm going I'll have it done by 40!!


  1. Whoa!!! It seems pretty beautiful challenge. I will follow your adventure.
    My goal at this moment is just finish a half marathon, let's see later.
    Go ahead!!! and good luck!!!

    1. Thanks :-)

      Your half marathon will be fine, you'll see. Just put in the training and you can't go wrong :-)

  2. Good luck with the challenge, it is great combining running with travel. You will enjoy Berlin; this year will be my third and the atmosphere surpasses London.

    I am aiming for 100 by the time I'm 40 (currently ran 19 so far, PB in Edinburgh last week); running Guernsey, Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, San Sebastian, Nice-Cannes, and Lisbon in 2012, and so far have Barcelona, Paris, Vienna, Edinburgh, Berlin, Beijing and Nice-Cannes (+ at least one in Scandinavia) pencilled in for next year!

    1. Hi Scott.

      Wow and I thought aiming for 50 marathons is a big goal!!

      You have to run Valencia and Madrid. Both great marathons :-)

      I'm really looking forward to Berlin but have never run a big marathon before. All mine have had around 10000 runners so far.

      Congrats on the PB!!

  3. Hi Laura,

    50 marathons (and indeed 1) is a big goal, it was something I decided recently, having decided I could handle a few in quick succession!

    Well, I have decided to sign up for Valencia, the finish looks amazing.

    Berlin is great, and be sure to set aside some time for the Expo, it is really awesome. I didn't in my first Berlin so I will certainly be there for a lot longer this time!

    1. Have you read my write up on Valencia Marathon? It really is an amazing finish :-)

  4. I did, and it looks great, though I hope it is not as hot! I have to fly back to London later that evening so don't want to feel too uncomfortable! Your ambitions have also encouraged me to start a blog (http://26200by40.blogspot.co.uk/) which is a bit of a work in progress at the moment!

    1. Your blog looks interesting already :-)

      I'll see you in January in Gran Canaria!

      I'm going to have quite a social life when I'm out there!!