7 May 2012

Hill Training Just Got Easier!

This is really what it looks like when the sun hits it right!
I have decided to continue hill training once a week as I find it makes a nice change!

Today when I went out of the door for a run I was very close to going for a half marathon but then, as I hadn't taken any water with me and couldn't be bothered to go home again, I changed my mind and thought I'd do the hill training as planned.

My Carpark!
It was so easy!! I went over to the multi-storey carpark as usual (don't worry, it's never busy in there as it costs so much to park) and ran up and down the slopes inside 10 times as usual (that's around 5k). I found that it required very little effort. This same training was killing me before Madrid marathon!

My training schedule for May and June is below, then the serious training for Berlin will begin.......

Mondays - Hill Training
Wednesdays - Somewhere between 10k and 15k (training my friend for her first half marathon)
Fridays - Whatever I feel like doing. Maybe interval, maybe hill, maybe run a half marathon....
Saturdays - 10k


  1. One day of hill traing per week will do good to you. I do it on friday nights. But keep on doing it, the success is long term. Regards,

    1. I really do enjoy hill training now! Before Madrid I hated hills but they're not really that bad and can be fun :-)

  2. surprising training Lynne1

    Days like this will make you strong as a rock to get to your next race

    ¡un abrazo!

    1. Hola!

      My training has always been a little different I think!

      For example the longest run I have before a marathon is only 28k. Any more than that and I may as well do a marathon while I'm training ;-)

      I'm just trying to keep my level of fitness where it is now. I am hoping to run Berlin in 4 hours and 15 minutes though so come July my training schedule will harder with more interval training....

      un abrazo right back at you!