10 Mar 2012

Running With My Son!

Latimer after the Tårnby 5k

I was going to do some 10-20-30 training yesterday but then my son asked if he could run with me :-)

Of course, I said yes!

I had bought him so new Nike trainers and he wanted to run in them a little.

We were planning on running 3k but that turned into a 4k :-)

He is actually very fast! I have signed us both up to two 5k runs. One in May and one in June. He says he is looking forward to racing and beating me! The thing is he probably will as when we ran a 5k together last October I was having trouble keeping up with him for the last 1k. He has also been running at his school every week.

I won't let him win but I bet he wins over me anyway.


  1. He's very cute. His bib is the first 3 digits of pi 8)

    I hear winter has eased up out there! Full on spring here of course.

    Keep up all the strength training stuff ..sprints, hills...of course don't over do it ;).


    1. You will meet my older son soon enough :-)

      Yes, the sun is out now but the cold wind is still blowing and normally does until May!

      I have a feeling that Madrid is going to be hard. There is a killer of a hill right around the 40k marker.....

  2. Hi! I am a beginner too. Well, in really, I never run a Marathon. I run the Half Marathon in Las Palmas in January, but I fall down in km 18, and I could not finished it. I hope to run another one soon.
    Congratulations to share such a fantastic sport with your son.
    Nice blog!

    1. Hi Fran
      Thank you for your nice comments :-)

      I hope you find another half marathon to run soon.

      They have a Rock 'n' Roll half marathon in Lisbon on 30th September this year. If I wasn't already signed up for Berlin which is the same day then I would be running that race in Lisbon :-)